As one of the most renowned medical institutions in the country, DGSOM facilitates training in advanced medical technologies through the unique setting of an annual Ultrafest. Ultrafest affords students at all levels of training the opportunity to learn, develop and hone their ultrasound skills for critical scans that will be useful on the wards and in residency. At Ultrafest, you will have access to numerous expert faculty who represent several specialties and who use ultrasound in their daily practice. Furthermore, we continue to incorporate more advanced ultrasound scans and procedures to provide a desired challenge, especially for students who may have had prior experience with ultrasound. Students will have opportunities to run simulations and practice ultrasound scans in mock clinical scenarios to gain an appreciation for normal and abnormal findings. We hope these changes create a clinically-oriented experience and enhance your motivation to pursue ultrasound education.

Due to the circumstances of this year (2020-2021), we are working to brainstorm ways to safely provide additional ultrasound learning opportunities to students, including through the launch of our monthly POCUS Lecture Series. Please stay tuned for updates!