About Us

Mission Statement

The goal of the Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG) is to provide opportunities for medical students to receive a more expansive education in ultrasound which they can use in their clerkships and careers. Ultrasound is a non-invasive, low cost imaging technique that has a high diagnostic power for many common conditions. As medicine continues to advance towards less invasive and more powerful modalities, we want to ensure that UCLA students will be at the forefront of that movement. In addition, ultrasound can benefit medical education by drawing anatomy correlates and assisting in anatomy education. USIG seeks to become a base for continued efforts to advance the ultrasound initiative at UCLA by coordinating efforts to acquire funding and suggest curriculum revisions that could enhance students’ comfort and skill level in using ultrasound. It is our goal to complement ultrasound education at UCLA by establishing a core of interested and motivated students who have a desire for further education in ultrasound. Our mission statement will be fulfilled through the talks, workshops, and student discussion panels that USIG would hold. Our faculty advisors would help facilitate lunch talks and hands-on ultrasound instruction from ultrasound fellows, attending physicians, and residents from the UCLA health system. UltraFest will also provide a unique and expansive opportunity to learn from multiple specialties and observe how ultrasound can be utilized in different clinical settings. Advanced ultrasound training is a newly emerging field with high promise for health care, and USIG would seek to continue UCLA’s work in educating and empowering students through further knowledge of ultrasound utilization.



Faculty Mentors: Dr. Alan Chiem and Dr. Elena Stark

2018-2019 Coordinators: Keara Darragh, Kwame Firempong, Varun Gudapati, Vishnu Nair, Joshua Rusheen, Ayman Ullah

2019-2020 Coordinators: Sahl Ali, Harshika Chowdhary, Yasmeen Dhindsa, Jacob Guorgui, Danny Le, Jamie Yang

2020-2021 Coordinators: Michelle Guan, Audrey Nguyen, Jasmeet Dhaliwal, Thibault Philippine, Amanda Nguyen

2021-2022 Coordinators: Ghadi Ghanem, Renee Zhao, Jasmine Deng, Lara Tang, Athreya Steiger